Big Law Shifting Preferences to In-Office Work, Data Shows

While many firms are embracing hybrid operations, our research indicates that large law firms are increasingly pushing for more days per week in the office than not. This is notable for attorneys and staff who have become accustomed to remote work, as CEO Bill Bice states, “What really matters is, what’s the days-in-the office expectation that comes with it, regardless of how you phrase it because that’s really going to determine what your work life is like.” recently published an article summarizing our findings on shifting preferences to in-office, and what that means for attorneys and staff. 

As we continue to track trends and evolutions in return policies for large law, one thing remains clear: hybrid is here to stay, and whether your attorneys and staff are predominately working in the office with some flexibility for remote environments or leaning deeper into hybrid operations, your staff needs the digital infrastructure that empowers secure collaboration and sharing. Learn more about digitalization and how our innovative Queues technology drives the core workflows your firm needs.

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