2023 nQzw Holiday Parties!

As a fully remote company, getting to see one another is a rare, but always welcome and warm occasion. In Phoenix, Arizona, Albuquerque, NM, and Dayton, Ohio, we got in the holiday spirit together! 

Phoenix Holiday Party

Our generous hosts, Glen Grambart and Patty Robertson, held a beautiful holiday dinner in their backyard. Team members traveled in from around the Phoenix area to attend, and the party was joined by the Management Team. 

Fun at Electric Playhouse

Albuquerque Holiday Dinner

The Albuquerque cohort gathered at a local favorite, Electric Playhouse, an immersive experience prefaced by drinks, dinner and dessert.

Drinks in Dayton

Beers with the team

Our Dayton cohort got together over beers at a local spot.


We were also lucky to get to celebrate with our clients, colleagues and fellow business partners at several ALA chapter holiday events. 

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